TT Horse Oil Demulcent Mask (single)

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TT Horse Oil Demulcent Mask (1ct)

1 FL.OZ. / 30ml

A mask for intensive skin moisturizing and moisture retention. Combined with Vitamin A to combat fine lines, wrinkles, and the skin aging process. The mask nourishes and restores dry skin, strengthens the skin’s natural protective barrier, leaving the skin moisturized and glowing.



  •  For external use only.
  •  Avoid direct contact with eyes. If irritation occurs, rinse eyes immediately.
  •  Discontinue use if irritation to skin occurs.
  •  Avoid applying mask on wounded, inflamed or other uncomfortable skin parts.
  •  Once product is open, use immediately to maintain freshness and quality.
  •  Please keep out of reach from children.
  •  Discard after one use; it is not reusable.
  •  This product may contain natural plant extracts. Serum color changes or/and sediments may appear, which does not affect the outcome of the results.

    MD(yyyy/mm/dd): Printed on the package
    EXP: 3 Years

    Manufactured By:

    Kotemein International Bio-Technology Co., Ltd. (Timeless Truth)
    Made in Taiwan